10 steps for engaging around an Article, Discussion or any custom type of post.

  1. Search or Filter tags in Breezio to find a topic of interest.
  2. Select one by clicking on the Title. 
  3. Notice the indication if the post is associated with an Organization and if it's Public or Private. If it's Private you'll only be able to engage with other Members of the Organization about it.
  4. As you read the article and your pointer scrolls down through the page you will notice the comment bubbles on the right. This indicates 1) the position of another person in the same post and 2) where you can add an in-line comment or question.
  5. When you add an in-line comment if you want to direct it at a specific person add the “@” before their username in a comment. (i.e. “@karen can you explain this further?”)
  6. On the left side of the page view has self-registered as an Expert for the post you are reviewing. Hint: If you can see their profile picture he or she is online in the portal now! Click on their Expert photo to start a one-on-one chat.
  7. You can keep up with the article, including any new comments or changes by selecting the red “Follow” button on the Left of your screen.
  8. Rate this article by clicking on the up or down arrow next to the Title of the post. You can only 'vote' once! The averaged score will allow others in your portal to sort by 'Most Reviewed'.
  9. Add a post to My Lists by clicking on the + button just after the Article Title. Name a New List if you need to and check the box to indicate you want to add it. If your profile is Public this will allow other users to Follow your Lists and discuss all with you.
  10. If while reviewing the post you discover that you are an expert on the content, select “Register as Expert” and your profile picture will appear in the Register Expert section so others can engage with you about the topic.
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