Teach something new and contribute to discovery


To 'officially' teach about a topic in Breezio, Create+ Collection and you'll be credited as the Teacher when you Publish it.

Register as an Expert

Anytime you are in a Post, locate the Register as Expert button if you feel like you can help others learn about the subject. Your profile picture will then appear under Registered Experts and another user could click on it to start a chat with you to learn more. 


When you Publish an Article, Discussion, Tutorial or Video you have the opportunity to engage with the people in your portal about it.

  • For Articles, Discussions, and Tutorials, at the bottom of the Post there is a general comment section that you can use to @mention another person in your portal. Or, you can add an in-line comment or question in the Post by moving your curser to the right side of the page at the exact spot in the content you want to @mention something you want to share. 
  • For Videos at the exact moment in time where you find an important topic, add a time-stamped comment or question to help others that view the Video learn from your experience watching the Video.



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