What is an Organization? A.K.A Rooms, Hives, Groups, Teams...

A Breezio Organization is the highest content hierarchy of all in the system. 'Go to page' of any Organization in Breezio to see all related Articles, *Discussions, *Tutorials, Videos and Collections in your portal. You can also see who is a Member of the Organization.


An Organization can be either Public or Private.

  • When you Create+ Organization, you must choose its privacy.
  • If you choose Private only Members of the Organization will see it in the Organizations page after the login. No one will see it from the Organization page when logged in that is not a Member. No one will see it from the Organization page prior to logging into the system.

An Organization is the best way to permission (Public or Private) content in the system.

  • When an Article,*Discussion, *Tutorial, Video and Collection is Create+ or Edit, it can be (or must be in some portals) association with an Organization. When associated with an Organization, if you check the Private box, only Members of the associated Organization will be able to view the content. 

Organization Admins

When you 'Go to page' of any Organization, from the Dashboard page you can see Members. If you are an Organization Admin you will see Manage. Select Manage to invite new Members to the Organization OR change the role of a Member from Viewer, Member, or Admin.

  • View Members - Can only view and add comments to content in the Organization.
  • Member Members - non-Admin Members
  • Admin Members - Can Manage the Members of the Organization


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