Collections - Tracked teaching and learning

Once content is in the Breezio system (Post: Article, Discussion Tutorial and Video) it can be used to Create+ a Collection. A Collection is an ordered list of content that can be tracked for teaching and learning management. 

Create+ Collection

Simply drag content from the right column into the left column under the Title, Subtitle, and Tags and build and order a Collection. You can use the indent feature too to indicate sub-topic in the Collection.

Start Tracking

When you Start Tracking a Collection you become a 'student' of it. Your progress through the Collection is tracked through to completion. You can easily see other 'students' of the Collection as well as who created it, or is the 'teacher'.


If you're not ready to Start Tracking, you can Follow a Collection to keep it on your radar. You will receive notifications of any changes in the Collection too.

People - Profile

From the People page, select 'Go to profile' to view a fellow members profile information. This includes tabs like Articles, My List, Statistics, and Collection. You can view the person's Collections that he/she is teaching, learning, and learned.


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