Breezio's API

Open API:

Breezio’s default software stack includes following technologies:

  • Languages and Frameworks: PHP, Node.js, Zend Framework 2, Doctrine
  • Database: MySQL, ElasticSearch
  • Cache: Redis with TwemProxy, Memcache
  • Communication servers: Ejabberd XMPP Server, Licode Video Server,
  • Messaging and Job queue: RabbitMQ, SlmQueue
  • Webserver: Apache

Breezio is designed in a way which it can easily use other Database Engines like PostgreSQL and MariaDB. All data is sharded sowe can easily distribute data on multiple databases. Although Breezio can work without cache layer, but when Cache layer is enabled we heavily use it and most of queries won’t even hit the database.

All actions in Breezio are posted to RabbitMQ and if needed can be consumed by trusted third parties. Breezio uses modified version of Ejabberd XMPP Server and Licode Video Server for Chat, Live communication and Video conferencing.

By default Breezio uses Apache webserver but it also works with Nginx, Lighttpd and HHVM.


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