What's the difference between a portal and Organization administrator?

Portal admin

When a portal admin logs into his/her account, from the profile navigation menu (located by clicking on your profile picture at the top right side of your browser) you'll see an Admin Panel that provides the following features that only portal admins have access to:

  • Dashboard with standard User, Post, Collections, and Tags count
  • Organization view that allows you to invite multiple people (existing and new users) to multiple existing Organizations with just a few clicks
  • Users panel that allows you to change users Role, verify his/her registration email address (which is helpful to assist a user when they've forgotten their login information), and assign existing users to existing Organizations.
  • Tag management
  • View standard portal Statistics
  • Flag management - is a user reports something as spam or inappropriate content, you make the choice to remove the content or keep from this page
  • Ads management - create sponsorship opportunities and highlight content using our Ads feature

Organization admin

An Organization admin does not have access to the Admin Panel. The main function of an Organization admin is to Manage Member roles in the Organization and invite new users to the Organization. 

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