Learn something new while engaging your peers

* Not available in all portals.

Ask a question

  • Video time-stamped questions - at the exact moment in time when you have a question, do so with a time stamp and see who replies. If you know a particular person you want to ask, when you time-stamp the question @mention their name.
  • In-line and general comments - In a Post you can ask a question in-line by moving your curser to the right side of the page and clicking the chat icon. You can ask a general question at the bottom of the Post. Add an @mention to ask a specific member of your community the question.

Ask an Expert

  • When you're in a Post or Video look to see who's Registered as an Expert. Click on their profile icon and a chat window will appear with a link to the Post or Video. If the Expert isn't online when you chat them, the next time they log in they will see your message in their Inbox.

Search a Topic

  • Now that you've logged into your portal and you know its mission, do a global search by clicking the eyeglass icon next to Create+ and enter a topic to see what Posts and Collections include your search words in the title, subtitle or body of the content. 

Filter Tags

  • From the People, Articles, *Discussions, *Tutorials, Videos, and Collections pages, on the right column will be Topics tags or Skills, Work, and Education tags that you can use to filter what interests you most to help you learn something new and engage with your peers around it.
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