My Lists - your way of indicating and sharing the most important content in Breezio

Adding to My Lists

  • Next to the title of a Post and Video is an '+Add to my list' button. Select and Search, existing Lists, and New List button appears.
  • Search works best if you have LOTS of Lists and need help finding just the right one. If you've only got a few or none don't use this feature.
  • If you want to add the Post to an existing List, check the box next to it and the number will increase to indicate the addition. 
  • If you want to create a new List, select the New List button and enter the name of the new list, then select the return key on your keyboard to create it and add the Post to the list.

Review My Lists

  • From the top navagation menu, find your Profile icon and select it to locate your Profile menu.
  • Select My Lists and you'll be directed to your Profile page and the Lists tab.
  • If you have no Lists it will say 'Nothing to show here :)'
  • If you have Lists, select a List and you'll see what Posts are included, Followers of your Lists, and a way to navigate to Mose Lists you've created.

Following another peer's My Lists

  • Find the People page and 'Go to profile'
  • Find the Lists tab to see if the person has Lists. If they don't it will say 'Nothing to show here :)'
  • If they do have Lists, select the List to view the Posts included. If you find the list useful and would like to receive updates if this person adds new content to his/her List, select the Follow button.
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