Breezio Terms & Definitions

Portal navagation pages (*indicates terms are customizable) - standardized and customized portal configurations available. 

  • Landing page* - Select the portal logo in the top navagation menu to be directed to the portal's landing page. Some use this to describe the objectives of the portal. A.K.A About Us page.
  • People - Anyone that is registered and has created a Public profile will appear on this page. Some users also use profiles for groups of people like schools or teams.
  • Organizations* - Groups of related content. The best way to permission content
  • *Posts (up to 4 types) - All the content in the Breezio system. Could be Articles, Discussions, and/or Tutorials pages. You can Create+ Import Article and Create+ Article, Discussion and Tutorial depending on what your portal offers.
  • Video - Content that allows time-stamped dialogue. Host your video content on YouTube and Vimeo, then Create+ Video, copy/paste URL, and bring it to life in the Breezio system with time-stamping. 
  • Collections* - Tracked teaching and learning feature. Collections are ordered lists of Posts and Videos. A.K.A. Curriculums.
  • Breezio Now* - Social media aggregation and SEO optimization feature.
  • My Lists - Create lists of content that others can follow.

Post Types - Collaborating around content is the magic of Breezio!

  • Article
  • Discussion
  • Tutorial
  • Video
  • Customized name*

Organizations: A.K.A Groups, Rooms - The water-cooler effect

  • Organizations are where groups of people with certain permissions can easily find all associated Posts and Collections in the portal.

People: A.K.A My Community

  • From the People page you'll find everyone that's a member of your portal's community.

My Profile

  • Everyone with a login in the portal must create a profile. You'll need the basics: picture .jpg, bio and tags. Tagging your profile with a few skills, work, and edu affiliations allows other members of your portal to identify you using tag filters in the People page when a potential collaborator is looking for help.

 My Lists

  • When you’re in a Post you can add it to a List by selecting the 'Add to My Lists+' next to the Title of any Post or Video.
  • You can create multiple Lists and name them accordingly.
  • Dialogue-drive feature: Your peers can follow all or some of your My Lists and receive notifications when you update it. Now you can engage your community about content you find relevant.

Collections - Tracked teaching and learning LMS

  • Teaching - When you Create+ Collection, you are the teacher of that Collection.
  • Learning - When you Start Tracking a Collection, you are the student of it.
  • Follow - Want to receive notifications about an interesting Collection if it's updated? Select Follow if you are interested in a Collection but do not want to start learning it at that time.

*Breezio Now: A.K.A. <portal name>Now, or Custom name

  • Social media aggregation - portal managers choose which Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and Instagram sources to follow. Breezio aggregates validated social media posts (retweeted, liked, etc.. more than 5 times) and provides a newsfeed for your community to view topics related to your portal mission.


  • Admins - Can be either a portal admin and/or the admin of an Organization
  • Member - A non-Admin user of Breezio.
  • Viewer - A co-author that can not edit Post content but receives co-author acknowledgement.
  • Editor - A co-author that can edit Post content.
  • Expert - anyone with a profile can register as an Expert per Post and Video. This feature allows other to identify him or her to engage in a discussion.
  • Guest - anyone without a profile that can only view Public content prior to logging into Breezio.




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